Producing Resume

Tana has co-produced under Dirt [contained] Theatre Company, Strangers At Home Theatre Company, and Ethereal Pants Productions, and associate produced under Audra Arnaudon Presents and Stripped Scripts Productions.

Diving head first into the psyche of a tortured artist, Dirt [contained] Theatre Company takes you on a promenade immersive journey through a transformed warehouse gallery and into the surreal depths of human imagination. 

"Garden of Delights" follows Lais, a charming, yet self-loathing actress, through a bizarre and unflinching look at her sadomasochistic experience of love and art. Isolated in her home with only her caged beast-like partner and flock of childish sheep to protect her from the outside world, she spirals down into painful memories and erotic fantasies that blur the line between reality and imagination.

Produced under Dirt [contained] Theatre Company, 2017

Easy Laughter by Robert Shearman

In this expertly executed satire, we join the Simpson family as they frantically prepare for their annual celebration of “Christtide”. Christtide is almost like Christmas, in very much the same way that the world of Shearman’s play is almost the world we live in today: mothers worry about wrinkles, fathers drink whiskey, and children play, but something is amiss.  

Produced under Dirt [contained] Theatre Company, 2015

Seascape With Sharks And Dancer by Don Nigro

“A young man has pulled a lost young woman from the ocean. Soon, she finds herself trapped in his life and torn between her need to come to rest somewhere and her certainty that all human relationships turn eventually into nightmares. The struggle between his tolerant and gently ironic approach to life and her strategy of suspicion and attack becomes a kind of war about love and creation which neither can afford to lose. This is an offbeat, wonderful love story”

Produced under Strangers At Home Theatre Company, 2014

The Last Eden by Maria Swisher

The story of a young girl who escapes a harsh concrete dystopian world to embark on a journey in search of the last place on earth with trees.

Produced by Dirt [contained] Theatre Company, 2011

Alice In Wonderland

Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland, adapted by Tana Sirois was produced with an adult cast at The Players' Ring 

Produced under Ethereal Pants Productions, 2007
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